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Embrace Obstacles as Opportunities

My week started with the following family conversation:

Me: Hi Dad (I call my in-laws Mom and Dad out of respect), Happy Birthday!

Dad: Thanks. You know I lost $300,000 last week.

Me: Yes Dad, we talked about this last week. I know it is a lot of money, but it will be alright. Your portfolio is mostly in high quality corporate bonds; they will be fine. There is just a lot of uncertainty in the market. You don’t need to sell them...

What Matters When Investing

Twitter feeds, blogs, Reddit, email pop ups, CNBC, Jim Cramer. In a world awash with information, it can be difficult to discern the relevant from the irrelevant. This is problematic when it comes to organizing one's time and making decisions, as studies have shown that too much information can actually impair a person's ability to... Click here to read full article.

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